Why February Is Child Oral Health Care Month

Why February Is Child Oral Health Care Month
February 2016 is National Children’s Dental Health Month, as presented by the American Dental Association and the ADA Foundation. The month-long campaign is designed to encourage children to practice good oral health care. The 2016 slogan is “Sugar Wars”. Here are reasons why parents should take their kids to visit a family dentist for making sure that their teeth remain in top shape.

NCDHM 2016 Campaign: Sugar Wars

Scientists have found in recent years that sugar is much unhealthier than originally thought. So there has been a campaign among dentists and nutritionists to raise awareness about lowering sugar intake, especially since it can cause tooth decay. NCDHM promotes healthy snacks on its posters, along with reminders to brush, floss and rinse your teeth regularly.

The campaign hopes to influence speakers and teachers to spread the word to younger age groups about maintaining healthy teeth. The NCDHM emphasizes that the earlier individuals get into the habit of seeing a dentist regularly, the more likely they will maintain healthy teeth and gums most of their lives. The ADA provides free materials to people who want to participate in the campaign.

Posters for the campaign say “Sugar Wars” on both sides. It depicts The Smileys, McGrinns and K9 in a spacecraft equipped with tools to fight the Sweet Tooth invaders.

Know the Warning Signs

One of the most important things to learn about dental care is any indication of tooth or gum disease. When you ignore brushing and flossing you run the risk of developing a gum infection that can lead to worse problems.

Early childhood cavities are the primary chronic disease that affects young children.

The first warning signs of several health conditions can be found in the mouth, such as diabetes and cancer. Your gums can even reveal a heart condition.

The first step to treating a child’s mouth condition is to see a family dentist. He or she can then work on immediate issues, such as reducing inflammation in the gums. Dental issues caught in early stages can help save you from expensive surgery.

Oral Health Care for Children

Protect your children’s oral health by teaching them about good oral care habits at an early age. Set a good example for children which they can model throughout their lives.

Here are some good oral health habits for children:

  • Brush twice a day with fluoridated water and toothpaste.
  • Regular flossing should begin by age 4 to remove food particles and avoid plaque and tartar formation.
  • Avoid eating a lot of starchy or sugary foods.
  • Take your child for regular dental checkups from a family dentist.

Participate in the NCDHM 2016 Campaign with your children. If your child is suffering from dental pain or cavities, consult a family dentist immediately. You can schedule a meeting with Plaza Dental Group, a family dentist in Des Moines for regular dental checkups and complete oral care and treatment. Give us a call at 515-612-7148 to book a schedule.

Why February Is Child Oral Health Care Month
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Why February Is Child Oral Health Care Month
February is National Child Dental Health Care Month. Learn all the details here!
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