Uncovering the Myths About Cavities

Focusing on the floating myths when it comes to cavities is a surefire way to take your attention away from best dental hygiene practices. Learn the truth about each of these myths so that you can make well informed decisions about your dental health.

Plaza Dental1. Children are more likely to get cavities than adults. Children and adults are at the same level of risk for cavities.

2. Cavities in baby teeth aren’t a concern. All cavities, whether they’re in baby teeth or adult teeth, are a concern. While baby teeth aren’t permanent, leaving them untreated can lead to intense pain and mouth ulcers.

3. Eventually all fillings must be replaced. Unless there is a specific reason for replacing a filling, such as the filling fractures or a cavity forms around it, you may be able to keep them forever.

4. Placing an aspirin next to a tooth relieves pain. The only thing that happens when you put an aspirin next to a tooth is that the gum tissue gets burned, resulting in abscesses. Instead simply swallow the aspirin.

5. You will know when you have a cavity. Until tooth decay is advanced, it is unlikely to exhibit symptoms, which is one reason that it’s important to get regular dental checkups.

6. Tooth sensitivity always indicates tooth decay. While tooth sensitivity may point to decay, it can also stem from teeth hypersensitivity, gum recession, broken or cracked teeth, and improper brushing techniques.

7. Cavities are the sole reason for root canal treatments. Untreated cavities can result in nerve damage. However, there are a number of other causes of nerve damage including cracks, fractures, and teeth clenching and grinding.

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Uncovering the Myths About Cavities
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Uncovering the Myths About Cavities
Myths about cavities are finally busted! Read the blog and make well informed decisions about your #dentalhealth

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