Top Oral Health Tips For Busy Moms This Mother’s Day

When it comes to a mother’s oral hygiene routine, hormonal swings, morning sickness, and pregnancy cravings all play a role in the need for increased vigilance. Choosing healthy snacks, drinking lots of water, keeping an eye on signs of gum disease, and maintaining regular dental visits prevent the onset of dental health problems while also minimizing risks that may occur during pregnancy.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, you may consider it a great opportunity to raise awareness on oral health issues that women as mothers, across the world, encounter all through their lives. Just like all women, your mom may be extra vulnerable to oral health problems from plaque build-up on teeth as a result of unique hormonal effects and cycles. The hormones impact the blood vessels that are present all over the body, including the gum tissues, making them highly sensitive to periodontal (gum) disease and other oral health problems. Hormones also affect different areas of metabolism such as bones, causing bone thinning or osteoporosis in women.

Here are eight ways to maintain a good oral health tips for busy moms:-Mothers Day

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