Things to Consider Before You Undergo a Smile Makeover

Smile MakeoverPeople are looking to dentists to perform smile makeovers in an attempt to improve their appearance and correct any problems they may be having with their teeth. Smile makeovers are elective procedures that you choose to undergo to improve how you look. A dental reconstruction is something that must be done to restore function and form to the mouth, jawline and teeth. Procedures that are included in a smile makeover are elective. This means you are choosing to have them performed.

Always make sure to explore all of your options before deciding on certain procedures. Once a makeover begins, you may have to see it completely through or risk having an unsatisfactory outcome. Many people choose to have a smile makeover to not only improve their appearance, but to also feel better about them.

Things to Consider Before Receiving a Smile Makeover
There are many things to consider if you are interested in having a smile makeover. The appearance of your teeth, gums, facial appearance, hair color, skin and lips will all have an impact on the outcome of any procedure you have performed. When it comes to your teeth, their alignment, spacing, color, shape, width and how they are displayed will also be closely looked at. One of the main objectives of a smile makeover is to restore balance and harmony to your face and make your smile shine.

What Does a Smile Makeover Consist of?
A smile makeover is often comprised of several different procedures. Missing teeth can be replaced with the use of partial dentures, bridges and dental implants. Veneers and crowns can help with teeth that are too small or have an odd shape. Teeth that have become yellow or stained can be whitened in an attempt to restore a more youthful appearance. Orthodontics appliances and braces can be used to correct misaligned teeth, while oral maxillofacial surgery can help fill out features around the mouth.

If you are not happy about the appearance of your teeth or want to smile with confidence, you can contact our dentist in Des Moines to get a smile makeover. Call at 515-612-7148 to schedule an appointment.

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Things to Consider Before You Undergo a Smile Makeover
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