Things You Must Know About Mercury-Safe Dentists

Mercury-Safe Dentists

Almost every remarkable trend starts in the US, be it fashion, science, arts, technology and dentistry. Dentistry has witnessed a remarkable change over the last few decades. Currently, it’s about mercury-safe dentistry which recommends eliminating the risks of mercury toxicity during amalgam fillings or removal.

Mercury safe dentists are the ones who promote the intent of avoiding the silver amalgam fillings and replace it with more holistic solutions. They are very well aware of the fact that excess exposure to mercury while removing amalgam fillings is not good for the overall health of the patients. They have adapted a number of protocols to reduce the amount of mercury exposure to the patients.

Benefits of Mercury-Safe Dentist
Mercury, which is a component of amalgam fillings, has been in use for a long time. But the recent studies suggest the silver amalgam is responsible for mercury toxicity within the body.
Experts believe that a perfect oral health can only be attained by availing the services of a mercury safe dentist.

To keep their patients safe, mercury-safe dentists completely avoid amalgam fillings and provide composite fillings to the patients

Amalgam fillings were perceived as strong and more durable but these perceptions have been proven quite opposite. To reduce the amount of mercury exposure while removing amalgam fillings for interested patients, mercury-safe dentists-

  • Use cold water sprays for minimizing the mercury vapors.
  • Provide an alternate air source.
  • Put a dental dam in the patient’s mouth so that the swallowing or inhalation of toxins can be avoided.
  • Provide a high volume evacuator near the tooth to remove the mercury vapor.
  • Mouth washing for the patient soon after the removal of fillings.
  • Immediate cleaning patient’s face as well as the protective wear after removing the fillings.

Many of the patients who availed the services of mercury-safe dentist have reported better oral health and well-being as they appear much healthier and happier. Composite resin bonding is a safe and more aesthetic alternative to the silver fillings because they last for long, are healthier and time tested solutions for dental filling.

Mercury-Safe dentists follow the best practices and encourage holistic, biological and safe aesthetic dentistry for the well-being of patients. If you are considering going for dental filling, look out only for a mercury-safe dentist.

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