Study Reveals the Success of Teeth Implants [Case Study]

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A new study at Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine indicates that dental implants retain oral rehabilitation of missing teeth to a significant degree over non-implant and traditional restorations. Most dentists are not surprised at these findings. Any dentist who has implemented minimally invasive implants for their patients knows what an impact they can have on their daily lives. People who are less familiar with dental implants and the benefits that they offer may need a little more convincing.

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The study focused on how varying kinds of oral rehabilitation impact overall quality of life or QoL, particularly for women missing multiple teeth as a result of osteoporosis. Some of the study’s participants had dental implants while others had removable restorations, traditional fixed or non-implant solutions, or no restoration whatsoever. Participants had to rate their QoL in terms of emotional health, occupational, and sexual aspects. Overwhelmingly the participants with implants rated their QoL higher than the participants without implants. From general health to emotional and sexual well being to career, the participants with implants reported having a higher quality of life.

As a dental patient, you must consider the prosthetic therapeutic details for your dental solution, such as chewing function and facial aesthetics, as well as your general well being. Simply having basic oral functioning isn’t sufficient. You must feel good about your dental solution for it to have a positive impact on your life.

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Dental implants are a minimally invasive dental procedure. Most patients don’t experience any more pain while getting implants than they do with other common dental procedures, such as cavity fillings. They are also more affordable than traditional implants. If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not dental implants are the right solution for your missing teeth, talk to your dentist today.

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Study Reveals the Success of Teeth Implants [Case Study]
Article Name
Study Reveals the Success of Teeth Implants [Case Study]
Are you aware of the new study that reveals the higher success rate of teeth implants over traditional restorations? Discover more info to learn more.

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