Sound Oral Health Paves the Way for a Healthy Heart

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Did you know your mouth talks even when you aren’t saying a word? It does and it sure has a lot to say. Not only can the condition of your mouth point to diseases such as diabetes, immune and hormone issues, it can even cause cancer.

Most importantly, the condition of your gums can interact with your heart and play a role in heart health and strokes.

The American Academy of Periodontology
An expert on dental health did a study that showed a direct correlation between gum disease and heart health. In the study, it was discovered that people with poor dental health are almost twice as likely to have clogged arteries as those with good gum health. There was also evidence that poor dental health made heart problems worse and increased the risk of stroke.

The belief is that the bacteria that cause dental issues are the one responsible for thickening arterial walls. Once the bacteria are in your mouth, they mix with your food and enter your stomach, and thus your blood stream. They then grow and cause inflammation throughout your body.

What You Can Do
The ideal situation would be to prevent dental problems from the start, but for millions of individuals, this is not an option. Get children in the habit of regular dental visits and good oral hygiene behaviors.

For those already experiencing mouth issues, the first step is to visit a dentist and work on clearing up any inflammation. Brush and floss regularly and follow any dental practices your dentist suggests to get your teeth and gums back in shape. It is also advisable to have your general practitioner test you for heart issues.

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Sound Oral Health Paves the Way for a Healthy Heart
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Sound Oral Health Paves the Way for a Healthy Heart
It's not unknown that your dental health affects the overall health of your body, and especially your heart. Hence, read the blog to learn more about the direct correlation between your gum disease and heart health.

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