Smiles for Desserts: Augmented Reality Makes It Possible

Smile activated vending machines use augmented reality that allows you to exchange your smile for a dessert of your choice. Simply go up to a Unilever “Share Happy” machine and share your smile to receive a free ice cream. You will be instructed to touch the screen, and smile at the camera. Once you have granted permission for your photo to be shared via Facebook, you’ll get to choose a Wall’s ice cream from a touchscreen menu. The machine delivers the ice cream right to you vending machine style.

How does it work? “Share Happy” features a facial recognition tool that uses augmented reality to detect age, gender, mood, and level of smile. The machine demonstrates how much people are smiling and then rewards them with free ice cream.

Augmented reality or AR is a live view of a physical, real world environment with elements that are supplemented with computer generated sensory input. This input can include audio, video, graphics, and GPS data. As such, AR technology can enhance one’s current awareness of reality. For example, with the “Share Happy” machine, users can opt to add visuals to their appearance, such as mustaches, or include music to make their expressions more comical.

Wall’s ice cream products include Magnum, Cornetto, Vienetta, Solero, and Carte d’Or. They are instantly recognizable thanks to the unique Wall’s heart shaped logo. Wall’s is available in over 40 countries around the world. In the United States, they use exclusive cold extrusion technology to produce creamy double churned ice cream products that have less fat than traditional double churned recipes.

To see the smiling faces of people who have used “Share Happy” machines to share their smiles and receive free ice cream, search for SapientNitro on Facebook.

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Smiles for Desserts: Augmented Reality Makes It Possible
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Smiles for Desserts: Augmented Reality Makes It Possible
Are you amazed to hear your favorite ice cream can be traded for a mere smile? Well, augmented reality makes it possible! Read the latest Plaza Dental Group blog to discover more on this exciting fact by clicking on the link below!

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