Your Smile Will Give Them a Brighter Tomorrow

We all know the positive power of a great, white smile. A simple, straightforward smile goes far beyond getting a second look from people when you’re out in public. Smiling big demonstrates a willingness to open up and be honest, which can be beneficial for your health, career, romantic life and social life.

Feeling self conscious about your teeth and smile can lead you to cover up your true personality. When you are confident and happy about your smile and general appearance, people pick up on that fact. These good vibes are infectious. You’re more likely to make friends, attract romantic partners and get offers for new opportunities at work when you exude confidence and have a sunny disposition.

Smiling is also beneficial for your health because it can reduce the symptoms associated with anxiety. When you slow down your breathing and change your expression, you can curb stress before it builds. Reducing stress can improve digestion, lower blood pressure, regulate blood sugar and prevent neurotic reactions.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a teeth whitening treatment in the near future, March through June is a great time for this procedure. Thanks to the Smiles for Life Campaign, you get a lower cost on your treatment and Smiles for Life donates half of the proceeds to local children’s charities and the other half to national and international children’s organizations. Participating Crown Council dentists, including the Plaza Dental Group, are donating their time and Ultradent is donating their Opalescence and Boost teeth whitening materials for this initiative.

There has never been a better time to get a teeth whitening treatment. You get the smile that you’ve always wanted while benefiting underprivileged and physically challenged children. Everyone has a reason to smile brighter with the Smiles for Life Campaign.

Your Smile Will Give Them a Brighter Tomorrow
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Your Smile Will Give Them a Brighter Tomorrow
A Simple & Straightforward smile goes beyond creating a good impression. To Get such healthy smiles and also to have a better reason to whiten your smile, join our Smiles For life Campaign.

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