Smile More and De-Stress: Study

Oral Health Care For Pregnant Women | Dentist In Des MoinesSmiling is a good way to decrease stress levels. Studies show that whether you smile genuinely or unknowingly, you become happier and reduce the likelihood of getting heart diseases. Eric Finzi, a dermatologic surgeon says you can influence your mental health by smiling or frowning.

A study published in the Journal of Psychological Science showed that people who smiled after stressful tasks showed a significant reduction in heart diseases compared to people who had neutral expressions. During the study, 170 subjects were made to smile sub consciously by making them hold chopsticks in different ways in their mouth.

The participants and divided into three groups where one group was made to put on a polite smile, another full smile while the third was prompted a neutral facial expression. According to the study, the participants who smiled without their knowledge recovered from psychological stress faster and had reduced heart rate.

Some studies show that a person’s life satisfaction can be predicted over time by the intensity of their smile. Smiling contributes to a person’s happiness and may sometimes reflect their overall happiness in life. Patti Wood, a body language expert, coaches people how to smile to attract more positive connections. Her clients include politicians, businessmen, people who are dating and those preparing for job interviews.

Some experts encourage people to smile and discourage frowning. Others warn against suppressing any kind of facial emotion. Dacher Keltner, a professor of psychology in the University of California, says that people who use Botox to hide facial lines feel less pleasure when responding to subtle things.

When you see a smile on another person’s face, mirror neutrons fire in your brain and evoke the same neural response as if you are smiling. This is the effect that a smiling face has on others.

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