Smile On: Good Teeth Are the New Indicator of Social Status

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How are your teeth? Do you describe them as your pearly whites? Or maybe you’d like some work done because you feel uncomfortable with your current teeth. This is a good time as any to
make an appointment with a dentist because the health of your teeth is starting to become a social status.

Your Teeth & Wealth
Dentist Des Moines| Plaza DentalWhile good teeth have always been an indicator of good hygiene and health, it is now becoming an indicator of how wealthy you might be. English social scientist Malcolm Gladwell even says that bad teeth might hamper social mobility or status for certain people as rising healthcare costs directly affect people and how they can gain access to dentists and orthodontists.

Most people pay big money for veneers, teeth bleaches, and whitening kits in order to mimic celebrities’ very bright smiles but that also means people who cannot afford these types of procedures or dentist appointments are being “left behind” and might be discriminated because of the health of their teeth. In fact, this might become a new wave of discrimination when it comes to job security and social status, according to studies conducted by social scientists.

Don’t Feel Left Out
Teeth are already very important and can be a gateway for your dentist to indicate any future health problems before your family doctor can, so keeping up with those appointments is crucial as is. But now there is a precedent that great teeth also means great wealth and that can create quite a bit of pressure.

Fortunately, there are ways to have wonderful teeth without having to pay so much. All it takes is knowing where to find the best dentists are with affordable rates and insurance. We, at Plaza Dental Group, look forward to making our patients feel comfortable through high quality and affordable dental services plans at our clinic in Des Moines, Iowa. Schedule an appointment with Iowa dentist today or just call us at 515.612.7148

Smile On: Good Teeth Are the New Indicator of Social Status
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Smile On: Good Teeth Are the New Indicator of Social Status
Your smile is the one to make your first impression and you are never fully dressed without it. Discover more on smile makeover benefits in this blog.

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