Research Facts: Fruit Juices Are No Better Than Sugary Drinks

Research Facts On Oral Health Effects Of Fruit Juices

We all know that sugar acids are bad for teeth and gums which is why dentists and other health care professionals recommend limiting the consumption of soda. Recent researches reveal that fruit juices are just as detrimental to oral health, due to its high sugar content.

There is a common misconception that fruit juices and smoothies are healthy alternatives to beverages with lots of sugar. As many nutrition guidelines count fruit juice as one of five possible daily fruit and vegetable servings that people need, it is not hard to understand how this misconception continues to circulate.

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Fruit juice has a similar sugar content and energy density as other sugar drinks. For example, 250 ml of apple juice contains approximately 110 kilocalories (kcal) and 26 grams of sugar. In comparison, 250 ml of cola contains 150 kcal and 26.5 grams of sugar. Even though the counts are very similar, most people underestimate fruit juice sugar content and overestimate soda sugar content.

A high intake of solid fruit has a correlation with reduced or neutral diabetes while a high intake of fruit juice actually raises the risk for diabetes. In addition to the higher sugar count, there is not a lot of nutrition, such as fiber, in fruit juice the way that there is in solid fruit.

Even though fruit juices do contain minerals and vitamins that you don’t find in most sodas and other sugar sweetened beverages, the nutrients often fail to outweigh the unhealthy effect that excessive consumption has on metabolism. For example, grape juice contains antioxidants but leads to heightened insulin resistance and weight gain.

There is no need to eliminate fruit juice from a diet altogether. However, people should consume it in moderation the way that they do with other sugar sweetened drinks. Dentists at Des Moines, Plaza Dental offers you healthy tips for better oral care. You can reach us for free consultation via our official app or just call us at 515.612.7148 now!

Research Facts: Fruit Juices Are No Better Than Sugary Drinks
Article Name
Research Facts: Fruit Juices Are No Better Than Sugary Drinks
Yes, fruit juices can be unhealthy! Read the blog to increase your awareness about the high sugar content of fruit juices, and understand how they are no better than sodas.

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