New Biopatch to Regenerate Bone for Dental Implants Developed

Help may be on the way for those seeking dental implants in the form of a bio patch that can regenerate lost or partially damaged bone, according to researchers at the University of Iowa. The bio patch has the ability to put DNA into a small particle, which goes directly into cells.

Biopatch to Regenerate Bone for Dental Implants Researchers loaded the bio patch with synthetically created plasmids. Each of the plasmids is outfitted with the instructions for how to produce bone. The patch works by infiltrating the bone. Researchers shrunk the particle’s size, which made it easier for the patch to infiltrate the bone cells.

The bone-regeneration is based on a platform that uses particles, which contain the genes needed for producing bone. A number of tests have shown that the patch can re-grow bone enough to cover wounds in animals, as well as in humans.

The key is that the bone produces proteins that lead to increased bone production. Previous attempts were unsuccessful. Researchers are excited for the potential of the patch. Researchers believe that the patch could be used to rebuild bone in the gum area that is critical for dental implants.

Researchers also believe that the patch to get rid of where there is missing bone around the head or face. The researchers believe that the patch is non viral, which means there are decreased chances of a person’s immune system being damaged. It is also easier to produce large portions of the patch, which is less expensive.

In the future, researchers hope to create a new platform that will promote increased blood vessel growth, which is important for sustainable bone growth. Researchers believe that injecting the protein into the bone cells will lead to a sustained progression for people. They are also confident that this could potentially be a life changing experience for many people.

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New Biopatch to Regenerate Bone for Dental Implants Developed
Article Name
New Biopatch to Regenerate Bone for Dental Implants Developed
Researchers at the University of Iowa have created a bio patch to regenerate missing or damaged bone by putting DNA into a nano-sized particle that delivers bone-producing instructions directly into cells via genes.

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