Mother’s Emotion Affect Child’s Oral Health: A Study

One of your top priorities as a parent is teaching your child to be healthy, from exercise to oral health.

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According to a recent study at Case Western Reserve University, your emotions during the first few years of your child’s life play an important role in how well your child will take care of his or her teeth. Although this seems a bit difficult to believe at first, but looking at it from the perspective of a child it makes a certain kind of sense. The study applies to whichever parent is the main one to interact with the child, a job traditionally done by the mother.

The study looked at children who were three years of age, then again when the same children were eight and finally 14 years old. During the study, researchers paid attention to how many negative dental issues each child had, including cavities, decay, and lost permanent teeth.

As mothers are the traditional caregiver, the study provided them with questions regarding preventative care for the child. This included things like sealants for deep molars, mouthwash, and visits to the dentist, as well as how often children had drinks that were full of sugar, like soft drinks and sugary juices.

Regardless of the preventative health done, children still suffered from many of the same issues as children who either did not have dental coverage or who did not frequently visit dentists.

Oral health is a really important part of every child’s regular health care. It should not create anxiety and fights between the parent and the child because that helps to create an aversion to proper oral care that can last for years.

Mother’s Emotion Affect Child’s Oral Health: A Study
Article Name
Mother’s Emotion Affect Child’s Oral Health: A Study
A recent study shows the impact of mothers emotions on oral health of child. Our Dentist Dr. Steffany Mohan throws more lite on this study here.

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