Mercury Filling Removal: What to Expect

mercury filling removal

For years, mercury fillings were the standard in modern dentistry. Also known as metal, silver, or amalgam fillings, they have been used by dentists to fill cavities for the last 150 years. The following will explain what to expect from the procedure, if you wish to get those fillings removed.

What Is Dental Amalgam?
Dental amalgam is a combination of different metal fillings like silver, mercury, copper and tin. Mercury fillings have been very popular as they are durable and less expensive as compared to other cavity-filling materials. They are very effective for areas that require a lot of force for chewing. However, oftentimes people wish to get their current fillings removed or replaced with the many other available options.

Mercury Filling Removal
If you need to have mercury fillings removed, choose a dentist with ample experience in removing amalgam fillings and who use the appropriate practices to minimize mercury exposure during removal.

During the procedure, the dentist will provide you with an alternative air source. He should also use a cold water spray to keep mercury vapors to a minimum, a dental dam to prevent inhalation or swallowing of toxins, and a high volume evacuator to remove the mercury quickly and safely. Once the fillings are removed, wash your mouth out thoroughly and clean your protective wear and face. The dentist will take off and discard his gloves to prevent further mercury exposure.

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