Did You Know Skipping the Dentist May Cause Wrinkles?

Skipping the Dentist May Cause Wrinkles

When you skip your dentist’s appointment, you are not only avoiding your oral health but you are also putting your facial appearance at stake. Shocked? But this is true.

Facial aesthetics are very much coordinated with the oral structure and health of our jaw bones and teeth.

According to dermatologists, bone density is lost due to poor oral health causing the jaws and cheeks to be loosened. This causes sagging skin and wrinkles before age. This is known as perioral wrinkles.

Not only this, if your tooth is broken, damaged or removed, this also leads to premature aging. The skin gets less support due to the lost tooth and therefore, it gets loosened.

Perioral tissues receive natural support from our healthy teeth and when we lose a tooth or teeth, the skin drop inwardly.

In order to avoid skin sagging and wrinkles, dentists recommend to:

  • Practice good oral hygiene habits
  • Avoid smoking and alcoholic indulgences
  • Go for cleaning twice a year
  • Regularly visit the dentists for periodical check-ups of dental health
  • Meet your dentist immediately to address any tooth related problem

Other Important Recommendations:

  1. Some people grind or clench their teeth which again can cause wrinkles on their face. For them, dentists suggest custom mouth-guards to prevent teeth grinding
  2. People who have missing teeth or low bone density can consider implants and bridges, depending on their oral conditions.
  3. People who have excessive bone loss can undergo bone augmentation procedures to provide sufficient support to their skin on the mouth and cheek to prevent wrinkles or skin sinking.
  4. Other oral treatments to repair a broken tooth or misaligned teeth may also include composite fillings, veneers or crowns.

Often, we think wrinkles, sinking skin or lines on the face and cheeks are signs of aging but most of the time, soft bone tissues, missing or misaligned teeth and poor oral health are the reasons for the same.

So, if you notice any skin sagging, lines or sinking cheeks and wrinkles, think twice before you blame it on aging. And before going for any cosmetic treatment, consult your dentist first. They will certainly help in restoring the oral structure to match the natural proportion of your teeth and facial aesthetics.

Forget wrinkles and keep smiling.

Dr. Steffany Mohan is the Owner of Plaza Dental Group and is a leading dentist in Des Moines, Iowa. Dr. Mohan is an expert in implant, family and cosmetic dentistry, is Invisalign certified and has gained a reputation of excellence in the dentistry community. Plaza Dental Group has built a reputation for excellence and its close doctor-patient relationships, which has made them one of the premier offices of Iowa dentists

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