How Snoring Can Affect Your Relationship

Snoring Can Affect Your Relationship


It’s a common fact that with age many people start to snore more frequently, but some people have a health condition like a nasal obstruction, that causes them to stop breathing while they are asleep. Sleep apnea is extremely serious and is often accompanied by snoring. Snoring disrupts a person’s sleep continually throughout the night and can also make it difficult for their partner to get a good night’s sleep as well.

Going without treatment for sleep apnea can result in chronic health conditions like hypertension, an enhanced risk for stroke and diabetes, migraines, depression, excessive fatigue, and compromised brain function. Studies reveal that snoring is a primary cause of problems related to relationships and health, including a considerably reduced longevity linked with lack of quality sleep.

Read on to know how snoring can affect your relationship:

  • When snoring becomes unbearable, most couples tend to sleep in separate beds or rooms which is not considered healthy for the relationship.
  • If a person is snoring loudly, their partner will be unable to get the sleep they need, resulting in irritability and mood swings.
  • If a person is not well-rested, it hampers job performance, professional relationships, and overall quality of well-being and may aggravate financial stress in the family.
  • Lack of sleep can also lead to depression, which can further put a strain on a couple’s relationship by either causing a communication gap or resulting in frequent quarrels and arguments.
  • Being constantly reminded by their partner about their snoring can cause a person to become annoyed and depressed, and he/ she may also refuse to seek medical advice which can severely threaten the couple’s relationship.

There are several ways to treat snoring. From CPAP machines to dental appliances that help to maintain an open airway, a person has several options to choose from. With new advancements in technology, no one should have to worry about their relationship being affected because of their partner’s snoring.

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