Fad Diets: How They May Be Harmful to Your Oral Health

Fad Diet Leads to Oral Disorders

Fad diets can have a devastating impact on your oral health. While losing weight is important, it must be done in a safe and effective manner to ensure good physical and oral health. Fad diets often claim to offer maximum results for the smallest of efforts. Many diets do work, but restrict many of the foods you need for good health.

Poor Nutrient Quality
Fad diets are often restrictive on calories as well as nutrients. A vegan based diet may be healthy but it also prohibits meat and meat products. This takes away many valuable resources for calcium, Vitamin B12 and other vital nutrients that are responsible for tooth, gum and bone health. Calcium comes from milk and cheese, both of which would not be allowed. B12 comes from red meat which is also excluded. It is important to find alternative resources for these nutrients if you plan on sticking to this type of diet. Supplementation may be required.

Too Many Acids
Diets that involve juicing can have an excessively high amount of acids. This can erode the delicate enamel from the surface of the teeth, leaving them vulnerable to tooth decay and cavities. It is important to rinse your mouth thoroughly immediately after drinking certain types of juices to prevent damage to your teeth, especially if the drink contained citrus fruit juices.

Too Much of a Good Thing
While diets that focus on getting rid of carbohydrates eliminate many foods that can lead to poor dental hygiene, the result is sometimes just as bad. People on a low carb diet often experience dry mouth, bad breath and bleeding gums. Eating certain foods in moderation is preferable to cutting them out altogether. This allows the body to receive the nutrients it needs without contributing to oral health issues. Always make sure to brush your teeth and floss twice a day and rinse between meals to ensure your teeth aren’t going to pay for the diet you choose.

It’s better to avoid the diets that affect your oral health. In case of any dental problem, schedule an appointment with Plaza Dental Group, a dentist in Des Moines, or call us at 515-612-7148.

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