Everything Tastes Bad After Brushing Your Teeth: Ever Wondered Why?

Everything Tastes Bad After Brushing Your Teeth: Ever Wondered Why?Have you ever pondered over the fact why everything tastes so weird and bad just after you brush your teeth? Why do your favorite chocolates taste not so heavenly, why do fruit juices seem not so refreshing and why do sandwiches taste stale? For those who’d like to solve this mystery and know why they should take some time before eating after they’ve brushed their teeth, reading further is recommended.

The Culprits

Most toothpastes contain one of these two chemicals namely sodium laureth sulphate (SLES) and sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) which are used in the toothpastes to create foam so that the teeth can be brushed and cleaned more efficiently and uniformly. These chemical surfactants decrease the surface tension of the liquid and thus help in creating foam which helps in spreading the toothpaste across the entire set of teeth. These are also found in detergents which generate foam.

What happens to our taste buds?

Sadly, however, these chemicals also manipulate the functioning and sensitivity of our beloved taste buds. More particularly, they mess with the sweetness sensors, which is why we are not able to get the right sweetness in a food or drink just after brushing our teeth. Moreover, these chemicals also break up certain molecules present on our tongue which help in suppressing bitterness. This is why everything tastes less sweet and more bitter, just after we brush our teeth clean.

How can this be avoided?

For those who can’t waste much time waiting for the taste buds to return to their original state before eating, it is advisable to use toothpastes free from SLES and SLS. While such toothpastes won’t generate much foam, they’ll also not tamper with the taste of your food and will keep it as sweet and bitter as it is supposed to be.

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Everything Tastes Bad After Brushing Your Teeth: Ever Wondered Why?

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