Do Dental Fillings Trigger Chronic Health Problems?

Can you get mercury poisoning from tooth fillings

Surprising to most people, dental amalgam fillings or mercury-based silver fillings contain above 50 percent mercury, which is an extremely toxic heavy metal. Furthermore, according to research on amalgam fillings by the CDC, that amount of mercury can lead to kidney and reproductive health problems.

The Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions, a non-profit organization, has reported that people with amalgam fillings are at a much higher risk of many chronic health disorders. Also, according to the CDC, mercury exposure adversely impacts human health, and the symptoms may include:

  •    Neurological disturbances
  •    Memory problems
  •    Skin rash
  •    Kidney abnormalities

How Are Amalgam Dental Fillings Linked to Chronic Diseases?

The elemental mercury vapor released in the mouth by dental amalgam fillings result in higher levels of mercury in urine, blood, and plasma, and levels of inorganic mercury in the brain.

Contact with inorganic mercury has been noted to trigger dose-dependent cell damage (cytotoxicity) by enhancing hydrogen peroxide levels.

Mercury Exposure Impacts Dentists’ Health

Many studies in the U.S., as well as other countries, have revealed that constant exposure to mercury vapor leads to higher instances of the liver, kidney, and neurological illnesses in dentists and dental assistants.

Other studies have indicated that dental workers are vulnerable to a higher risk of lungs, kidney, brain, and Central Nervous System Cancers.

Some Chronic Health Issues

Mercury interrupts the production of some energy-providing chemical in the body, resulting in fatigue, digestive problems, and the development of porphyrins in urine.

Mercury has also been recognized to be a common reason for hyperthyroidism and autoimmune thyroiditis.

Additionally, studies have disclosed that mercury collects in the ovaries and testes which obstructs the production of enzymes required in the production of sperm. The existence of mercury also impacts DNA quality in sperm cells. This leads to the lowering of sperm counts, faulty sperm cells and damaged DNA in sperm cells for males. As a result, out of the total sperms produced by men, 85 percent are likely to have damaged DNA. Women are susceptible to infertility and menstrual disorders because of this mercury buildup.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) maintains that mercury can be dangerous to human health, even in insignificant amounts. The WHO believes mercury to be among the top ten alarming chemicals for public health, and observes that mercury can produce “toxic effects on the nervous, digestive and immune systems, and on lungs, kidneys, skin, and eyes.”

Treatment of Mercury Toxicity

Most patients who suffer from chronic health illnesses linked to mercury toxicity due to amalgam improve or significantly recover after amalgam removal. After removal of amalgam fillings, concentrations of mercury in the body are increased for some days. However, levels generally drop within six months to a considerable extent.

Removal of amalgam fillings caused a significant decrease in mercury waste in the body. Complete reduction in mercury concentrations in blood and urine is frequently above 80% within a few months.

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