Congenital Defects That Could Jeopardize Your Dental Health

Have you ever seen a child with teeth missing from birth or a cleft in the lip that extends into the top of the mouth? Certain types of congenital abnormalities or birth defects can lead to a wide range of oral health problems.Dentist Des Moines_Plaza Dental Group

Cleft lip and/or Palate
The split or parting for a cleft lip can also include the upper jaw bones and / or upper gum. Children with clefts are more susceptible to cavities and often have missing, extra, displaced, or malformed teeth and an alveolar ridge defect. An alveolar ridge defect can result in a number of issues with the alveolar ridge and permanent teeth formation, most of which can be repaired with oral surgery.

Congenital Absence of Teeth or Anodontia
Anodontia is the congenital absence of permanent teeth. Full anodontia is extremely rare, but it is common to see hypodontia or partial anodontia. Most kids with hypodontia are missing six or less teeth. The condition requires tooth replacement therapy either in the form of dental implants or dentures.

Tongue Tie or 
Ankyloglossia is a minor birth defect in which the membrane flap attached to the tongue underside or frenulum is too short, which restricts the movement of the tongue. Limited tongue mobility or chronic incorrect tongue posture often leads to messy eating habits, resulting in dental caries.

Congenital Enamel Hypoplasia or Amelogenesis Imperfecta
Enamel hypoplasia often appears as discoloration on the teeth and can occur in baby and/or permanent teeth. While mild cases may be little more than a cosmetic concern, severe cases can result in increased risk for cavities and tooth decay. Teeth with enamel hypoplasia may also have sensitive regions due to the lack of enamel.

We at Plaza Dental understand that oral care is important for your child’s health, especially if he/she is facing any congenital defect. Hence, for more tips on better oral health care & treatment options, Contact us now or call at (515) 612-7148.

Congenital Defects That Could Jeopardize Your Dental Health
Article Name
Congenital Defects That Could Jeopardize Your Dental Health
Congenital defects threaten the overall dental health! Read this blog to understand how these can be fixed for better oral health.

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