Celebs Who Prefer to Keep Their Original Smile

Looks have pretty much always been an important part of life. People judge other people on all sorts of features including their teeth.Celebs Who Prefer to Keep Their Original Smile| Plaza Dental Group
But, if you take a look at some of the celebrities today, you will notice that not all of them care about what others think of them, or how their teeth look.

Eddie Murphy has always had the same teeth and actually if you think about it, a lot of these celebs are known for their smile, teeth and all. Eddie Murphy is no different with the gap between his teeth. In fact, it’s sort of a trademark!

Madonna has always had a gap between her teeth, and she also has stains from years of smoking. But, that hasn’t stopped her from becoming a singer.

Many people think that Jewel got her teeth fixed for her role as June Carter, but actually she just wore prosthetics for the movie. Jewel still has snaggly teeth, which she actually gives thanks to, because it gives her character.

Keira Knightly is a top paid actress, even though many of her teeth are crooked.

50 Cent did have his size problem fixed – certain teeth being longer than others, but he has continued to keep the space between his front teeth.

Steve Buscemi is a really great actor and has played in all sorts of popular movies and TV shows. He has said in recent years that if he got his teeth fixed, he would be out of a job.

Supposedly Eva Mendes has an overbite, but she has said from the start that this is something she will never fix because it makes her unique and charming.

Amanda Peet said that producers have asked and offered to have her teeth shaved down to smaller sizes, but she really likes her teeth.

Celebs Who Prefer to Keep Their Original Smile
Article Name
Celebs Who Prefer to Keep Their Original Smile
We Never Knew That Some Of Celebs Really Loved to Keep Their Natural Smiles.

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