Candy Month 2016: 3 Smart Ways to Fight Germs

candy month 2016You try to stay healthy and avoid having to visit a dentist any more than necessary, then along comes Candy Month. It seems a shame not to do something to help celebrate. You can still enjoy a bit of candy and not put a great deal of risk on your healthy teeth by following a few simple routines.

Brush/Floss Daily
Continue brushing your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes at a time. Don’t forget to thoroughly floss at least once daily. If you can’t brush right away after indulging in candy, rinse your mouth with water or chew gum with xylitol to help break down some of the sugar. You may also try munching on an apple or celery to help get the saliva flowing in your mouth. This will help the mouth clean itself somewhat until you can brush.

Choose Carefully
Some candy is more dangerous to your teeth than others. Sour or acidic candies eat away at the enamel of teeth, weakening them. Candy that is hard stays in the mouth longer, exposing teeth to sugar over a longer period. Chewing candy can leave particles stuck between teeth or on chewing surfaces. Try to avoid any candy that is sour, hard or chewy.

Maintenance Checkup
By seeing your dentist for regular cleanings, you can make sure your teeth are in their best possible condition. When you start out with healthy teeth, a piece of candy here and there won’t do as much damage as it would with poor dental hygiene.

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