Can Lemon Make Your Teeth White? Myths Busted!

Teeth Whitening Solutions

A constant battle for most people is maintaining healthy teeth. People can turn to teeth whitening to help. However, many people are nervous about whitening due to mixed rumors they’ve heard, but the majority of these rumors are actually incorrect. Here are some common myths about teeth whitening.

Myth: You can use baking soda to whiten your teeth
Fact:This is the one of the most popular misconceptions about the teeth whitening. Baking soda does not work. It may give you temporary satisfaction, but the results will not last for long. In fact, it will actually hurt the ratio of good to bad bacteria in your mouth which is not good for your oral health. Always consult an expert before trying these tricks.

Myth: Whitening toothpaste and gum will help
Fact: While both contain chemicals, they are too weak to have any real effect. Whitening chemicals should be in contact with the teeth for well over 10 minutes to cause a change in color. Dentist guidance and suggestion is always recommended before using any chemical-based teeth whitening products.

Myth: Once whitened, teeth will stay white
Fact:While there may be permanent color change, as you age your teeth will start to become yellow. Constant maintenance is needed to keep the color of your teeth. A regular dental check-up, right diet and a healthy lifestyle may help in keeping your teeth white and strong for years to come.

Myth: Lemons make teeth whiter
Fact: This is again a popular technique that many people are trying. But the fact is that lemons contain acid to erode tooth enamel. You may cause permanent damage to your teeth if you constantly use lemons to whiten them.

Myths: You can whiten crowns
Fact: Crowns resist whitening, as they dull over time and also stain. Your dentist may try teeth whitening before you get a crown. If your teeth are whitened ahead of time, you can match them with your crown.

Myth: UV light can expedite the whitening process
Fact:There is no substantial proof that a dentist using a UV light speeds up the process of whitening your teeth. It is possible that it could harm your teeth or even cause damage to your eyes, lips, and gums.

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