7 Tips to Painlessly Pull a Loose Tooth

How to Pull a Loose Tooth

When you have a loose tooth itching to be pulled out, there are some quick and painless ways to do it! This is especially helpful for younger children growing out of their baby teeth and who may need quick solutions to pull a loose tooth. Learn how to pull a loose tooth.

Here are 7 painless ways to pull a loose tooth:

  1. Wiggling the tooth – Either wiggling the loose tooth with the tongue or using a back-and-forth motion with a very clean index and thumb finger, this is probably the most painless and easiest way to get out a pesky loose tooth.
  2. Eating harder foods – Foods that are harder to chew, such as crispy vegetables like carrots or crunchy fruits like apples, will make the entire process quick and painless.
  3. Using floss – This is best when the tooth is very loose but yet won’t come out naturally. Wedge some floss in between the gum line and the tooth and yank quickly outward.
  4. Let it come out naturally – Speaking of loose teeth popping out naturally, this is another route that can be taken and will normally be painless. This is also the best option as it means little interference and a better area for the new tooth to grow.
  5. Use gauze to wiggle free – Just like the same process in the first tip, except this one requires a bit of medical gauze in order to make the process easier and sterile.
  6. Gently use tweezers – Another tip best used when the tooth is very loose but won’t come out easily just yet. Using some clean tweezers and wiggling the tooth free can be painless and doesn’t mean bacteria from fingers.
  7. See a dentist – Last but not least, if the tooth still isn’t coming out, see a dentist and they can take it out painlessly for you.

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Video Guide: How to get a loose tooth out

[See: How to Painlessly Pull Out A Loose Baby Tooth]

Do not try to force a tooth to come out. If the tooth is not loose and you try to pull it, then it will be painful.

Frequently asked questions about loose tooth that you should read:

How long does a loose tooth take to fall out?

Usually, children will lose their first tooth approximately around the age of six. The concern is that although the tooth is loose, it won’t fall out immediately. It can get prolonged for several days or weeks before it ultimately falls out. If the tooth and the gums surrounding the tooth are not red or puffy, it’s advisable to wait and encourage the child to wiggle their tooth until it comes out on its own.

Is it safe to pull out a loose tooth?

Generally, it’s recommended that instead of pulling out your child’s loose tooth, you should teach them to wiggle it until it drops out on its own. This practice will help minimize the pain, bleeding, and the risk of damage to sensitive tissues, related to the tooth loss. It’s best to consult your dentist if you ever any concern regarding a loose tooth.

Is it safe to wiggle a loose tooth?

Wiggling is an ideal way to help loosen the connection between the root and the tooth and initiate getting that loose tooth out. Your child will inform you when he or she gets a loose tooth. Guide your child to wiggle the tooth back and forth, with their tongue. They can continue wiggling all throughout the day until the tooth comes out, without causing much discomfort.

What causes loose teeth in adults?

A loose or wobbly adult tooth results from the loss of tooth-supporting bone. Various factors are considered responsible for loose tooth problems, in adults, including:

  •    An injury or accident
  •    Gum disease
  •    Grinding teeth during sleep.

Your dentist will assist you in retaining your tooth and cure any underlying issues that may be causative to its wobbly state.

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