6 Bad Teeth Habits You Should Stop Today

Many people in the United States are completely unaware of the fact that they’re making some critical mistakes when it comes to their dental health. You may not realize it, but using your teeth as a tool and consuming dark colored beverages will do a lot more harm than good.

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Review the following common dental care mistakes so that you can change your oral hygiene routine accordingly:

Brushing Tips For Better Oral HealthNot using the right toothbrush
Dentists recommend soft bristle toothbrushes to avoid damaging your gums. It’s important to brush your gums in the proper fashion because once you’ve wiped out gum tissue around the teeth, it’s gone forever. Purchase a new soft bristle toothbrush about every three months. You should also buy a new brush after you’ve had a cold or flu virus.

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Using your teeth as a tool
Teeth are intended to be used for eating, biting, and smiling. They should never be used for other tasks such as opening a bag of chips or loosening a stubborn bottle of nail polish. Take a few extra seconds to grab a pair of scissors or other proper tool to get the job done right and to avoid the unnecessary risk of breaking a tooth.

Flossing Tips From Plaza Dental GroupConsuming dark colored beverages
Most of the dark colored drinks including red wine, coffee, tea, and colas are more likely to stain your teeth than lighter drinks. It’s also important to remember that carbonated drinks may contain acid, which can be created in the process of making carbonation. Acid softens the surface of tooth enamel. When acid erosion occurs frequently, the tooth enamel does not have a chance to repair itself.

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Not flossing
FlossAround half of the American population flosses daily with 31 percent flossing less than daily and 18 percent not flossing at all. Figure out whether you prefer to floss before or after you brush your teeth, learn how to floss properly, and then make it a part of your daily oral hygiene routine. The more you floss, the easier it will be to stick with it.

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Not using a fitted mouthguard
A custom made mouthguard is the best way to protect yourself from mouth injuries while playing a high-contact sport, such as basketball, football, or hockey. While standard mouthguards offer some protection, they still get knocked loose fairly easily. If you engage in high-contact sports on a regular basis, get fitted for a mouthgard and wear it at all times.

Research Facts On Oral Health Effects Of Fruit JuicesEating hidden sugars
Most people are aware that sugar is bad for their teeth. However, they don’t know how many supposedly healthy foods they’re eating that contain large quantities of sugar. For example, most flavored yogurts, fruit rolls ups, granola bars, and dried fruits are high in sugar. You should always read nutrition labels so that there are no surprises.

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If you ever have questions about your oral hygiene routine or any other aspect of your dental health, consult your dentist or other qualified health care professional. Also, make sure that you check regular updates from Dr. Steffany Mohan from Plaza Dental Group Des Moines.

6 Bad Teeth Habits You Should Stop Today
Article Name
6 Bad Teeth Habits You Should Stop Today
Check out these 6 common dental care mistakes which you should stop committing today in order to maintain a better oral health from Dr. Steffany Mohan, Plaza Dental Group, Iowa.

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