5 Tips to Get the Brilliant White Smile of a Celebrity

Brilliant White Smile of a Celebrity

The smile is the arguably the most important feature of one’s appearance. It is the reason why celebrities do not forget to pose with their white sparkling smiles on the red carpets. A bright pearly white smile like that of a celebrity is something we all dream of. Few people are blessed with it. And for many, it’s always a dream.

Many think white smiles of celebrities are the result of teeth whitening products, but there are many other ways to achieve brilliant white celebrity smile. Dr. Steffany Mohan, a leading West Des Moines dentist, suggests 5 great tips to get the dazzling celebrity smile.

  1. Practice good oral hygiene.

    The first step to having white teeth is establishing and maintaining proper oral hygiene. Many people assume that if they go to the dentist twice a year, they can brush once a day and never have to worry. Brush twice and floss once every day, and follow your dentist’s recommendations for the type of products to use, such an electric toothbrush or toothpaste with baking soda.


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  • Get the professional cleanings.

    With that being said, the twice a year dental cleanings are still important. These cleanings take care of staining and tartar build up and help to prevent gum disease and cavities.


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  • Pay attention to what you eat and drink.

    Avoid alcohol, coffee, and wine whenever possible. Alcohol turns into sugar, resulting in erosion and damage to the tooth structure while coffee and wine contain substances that bond to the teeth, resulting in staining. If you do consume any of these beverages, brush your teeth immediately afterward. Use a drinking straw with beverages as much as you can to minimize contact between teeth and drinks, keeping liquids away from the teeth.


  • Avoid smoking.

Smoking is bad for your health and also stains your teeth. Quitting smoking is beneficial to your overall health and makes a significant difference with teeth whitening.


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  • Keep a fluoride stash at home.

    Using a fluoride rinse or gel at home adds minerals to the teeth, making them stronger. Your dentist can recommend fluoride products for you as well as alternative options to re-mineralize teeth (i.e. calcium phosphate).

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5 Tips to Get the Brilliant White Smile of a Celebrity
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5 Tips to Get the Brilliant White Smile of a Celebrity
Keep your head high, and keep smiling! Read the blog to learn more about the tips, which will give you a perfect white celebrity smile

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  1. Jack Titchener says

    It’s true that coffee will leave some nasty stains on your teeth over time. My aunt smokes and drinks coffee and can’t figure out that it’s causing her teeth to rot. I’ll have to recommend your tips to her so she can have a whiter smile.

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