5 New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthy and Beautiful Smile

New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthy and Beautiful SmileThe New Year is traditionally a time to make resolutions to help better yourself and improve your life. In order to increase your chances of keeping this year’s resolutions, make them specific. Don’t simply say, “I’ll be healthier”; instead, state what you will do in order to be healthier.

Here are 5 things you can incorporate into your life that will not only make you healthier but will keep your teeth healthier and have your smile shining brightly at the end of the year.

  1. Increase Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables. Cut down on red meat and instead, fill up on fruits and vegetables. The vitamins will enhance your tooth health and will help your immune system. It’s an all-around winning resolution.
  2. Stop Smoking. Your lungs will thank you for this one, but few people realize the damage done by smoking to your teeth and mouth. Besides yellowing teeth, smoking can increase the chances of mouth and throat cancer. Brighten your smile from the inside out with this resolution.
  3. Brush and Floss Regularly. This should be a habit, but when life gets hectic, we tend to forgo the easy things. Eventually, your teeth will start to react to a lack of consistent care. Plaque not only damages your teeth, it causes heart issues. Brush twice a day and take the time to floss at least once before bed.
  4. Limit the Alcohol. Alcohol is one of those things that increase the likelihood of neglecting other issues. Limit the amount of alcohol in your life, and you will end up making your teeth happy and healthy.
  5. Visit Your Dentist. Not only will you keep your dentist from being lonely, you will increase the chances of discovering any problems in your mouth while they can still be fixed with minimal work. A visit to your dentist creates two bright smiles – yours and the dentist’s. To maintain a healthy smile, your dentist recommends 2-4 cleanings a year.

Include these ideas on your New Year’s resolutions list to keep both your oral health and overall health in good shape. These New Year’s resolutions will ensure that you have a happy and healthy year that gives plenty of reasons to show a beautiful smile. If you need any dental care, contact our dentist at Plaza Dental Group at 515.612.7148!

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We wish you a very Happy New Year in 2017!

5 New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthy and Beautiful Smile
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5 New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthy and Beautiful Smile
Happy New Year! Welcome the New Year with a beautiful smile by adopting healthy New Year’s resolutions! Here are few from Plaza Dental Des Moines.

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We wish you a very Happy New Year in 2017!

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