5 Good Reasons to Whiten Your Smile

Your smile is one of your best assets for everyday things such as job interviews, meeting new people, and generally having a healthy mouth with good oral hygiene.

Here are five very good reasons why you should keep your smile in tip top shape.

1. Great first impressions. Did you know 40% of people notice someone’s smile before anything else when meeting them for the first time? That’s a huge impact your smile and pearly whites could have on someone with your first initial meeting. This is because smiling and showing off white teeth gives off that you’re approachable, friendly and put together. You want to give your best first impression, so why not start with your smile?

2. Improve your self-esteem. Feeling down and just not liking your appearance? Whitening your smile can be one major step toward liking your self-image and boosting up your self-esteem. Also, the entire process can be quick and painless with the added benefit of compliments on your pretty smile.

3. Get ahead professionally. That’s right; a whiter smile can improve professional chances. A whopping 74% of people think that whitened teeth can heavily affect how you are viewed professionally and the types of responses you can receive at meetings, interviews and other professional functions. If you want to restore confidence while talking at meetings or going on interviews, why not whiten your smile for that extra boost?

4. Better overall oral health. This one is very important as plaque build ups on your teeth can cause other health complications in your body, such as build up in your arteries, more risk of cavities, bad breath and more throat infections. Whitening your teeth is more than just an aesthetical choice; it is rather a healthy choice.

5. Positive social interactions. Going back to positive first impressions and getting ahead professionally, people with a whiter smile see an improvement in their social interactions in daily lives. People are friendlier to you and will be inclined to help you more.

Other than these 5 mentioned benefits, there is a 6th as well for the community! Get your smile whitened and help an underprivileged child, as we The Plaza Dental Group are a proud participant in The Smiles for Life Campaign…

5 Good Reasons to Whiten Your Smile
Article Name
5 Good Reasons to Whiten Your Smile
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