5 Effective Tips for Night Time Brushing

Dentist In Des Moines, IATaking care of your teeth is important because you only get one set in your lifetime. While dental medicine and care has come a long way, the most important thing you do to make sure your teeth are healthy is one that people have been doing their whole lives, and that’s brushing your teeth.

However, with something so routine, it can be easy to forget that brushing your teeth isn’t a process where you should just be going through the motions. If you do, your teeth will suffer.

Use these five effective tips for night time brushing and you’ll reap the benefits of a healthy mouth.

1. Get in the habit of brushing at the same time each night. When you build a solid foundation based on routine, you’ll be less likely to have dental problems. You also won’t think about taking care of your teeth anymore – you’ll just do it.

2. Brush your teeth before you get too tired. A routine is important, but the right routine is even more important. Falling asleep on the couch or in bed watching TV is fine – but not if you haven’t brushed your teeth first. Skipping a night might not seem like a big deal, but it can wear away the enamel on your teeth over time.

3. Use a timer to help you brush for the full two minutes. An egg timer fits easily on any bathroom counter.

4. Keep your toothbrush out to remind you to brush. Just make sure it’s covered so it doesn’t get dirty in the air. You don’t want to add bacteria from the bathroom to your mouth.

5. Don’t forget to brush your tongue and roof of your mouth. Those spots often go un-brushed, but that can lead to poor dental hygiene.

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5 Effective Tips for Night Time Brushing
Article Name
5 Effective Tips for Night Time Brushing
Sloppy tooth brushing habits may lead to poor oral health and loss of enamel gradually. Discover effective tips to brush your teeth to avoid any oral issues

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