5 Apps That Can Actually Benefit Your Smile

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With apps for everything under the sun, it should come as no surprise that there are apps that can help you have a better smile. From fun, simple apps for kids to detailed informational apps for adults, there are a wide variety of platforms that can help children and parents alike enhance their dental hygiene practices and understand the ins and outs of dental care. The following five apps will get you started.

Apps To Benefit You Oral Health1.Dental Expert. Dental Expert provides a comprehensive overview of many popular dental procedures. From implants to TMJ treatment, this excellent patient guide gives you peace of mind about your upcoming dental work.

2.Family Dental Expert. Do you want to make sure that you’re on track with your kids’ dental health? This app offers an overview of basic kid dental needs as well as common children’s dental procedures such as fluoride application and x-rays.

3.Flossy. Flossy helps people get into the habit of flossing every day. Each time you floss, simply press the “I Flossed Today!” button. Then you can check your calendar to see how often you’ve been flossing. You can also set up notifications to send reminders if you miss a couple days in a row.

4.Tiny. Do you or your kids get nervous about going to the dentist because you’re never sure what to expect? Tiny walks you through the full experience of being at the dentist, including exactly what the dentist will be doing during the appointment.

5.Brush DJ. Brush DJ helps you stick to the recommended brushing time of two minutes. You can select music from your phone that will play for the entire two minutes, motivating you to keep brushing for the full period. Visit the app website to see which songs made the top 5 Brush DJ list this week.

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5 Apps That Can Actually Benefit Your Smile
Article Name
5 Apps That Can Actually Benefit Your Smile
Apps could help you maintain a healthy smile on the go. Discover more in this post on five must have apps for awesome smile.

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