5 Apps to Benefit Your Dental Hygiene

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Apps are everywhere these days and you can find one or more to help in practically every aspect of life. Dental hygiene is no exception. There are quite a few apps out there to help both kids and adults in keeping abreast of their dental care.

Here are five you can start with:

1. Dental Expert – Dental procedures can seem overwhelming when you do not understand the process. This app explains the common dental procedures in a way that makes them easy to understand.Dental Expert App

2. Family Dental Expert – Are your kid’s teeth coming in on schedule? What is an overbite and what can be done to fix it? These and other concerns parents have about their children’s dental health are easily answered with this app.

3. Tiny Dentist – Kids learn a lot easier through play. This app puts your child in the position of a dentist. They can learn about all that a dentist does by play-acting, which will help them feel more familiar and less fearful when they find themselves in the actual dental chair.

4. Flossy – It isn’t always easy to get in the habit of flossing regularly. With this app, you can set reminders for you or your kids and you can keep track of when you floss. It is a wonderful app to get kids in the habit of flossing on a daily basis.

5. Brush DJ – The ideal amount of time for brushing is two minutes, but it isn’t always easy to judge time. This app uses any song of your choice and plays it for the full two minutes so you, or your kids, can know when you have spent enough time brushing those pearly whites.

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5 Apps to Benefit Your Dental Hygiene
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5 Apps to Benefit Your Dental Hygiene
Want to explore a few cool #apps for your dental hygiene? Read the blog to learn more about the apps that can actually benefit your dental care.

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