15 Healthy Oral Care Tips You Should Follow This Christmas

15 Healthy Oral Care Tips You Should Follow This ChristmasThe Christmas season can be a mix of family fun and over-indulgence. The problem with the latter is that it’s not the best idea for your dental or overall physical health. As enjoyable as sweets may be, try to remember in the back of your mind that too much sugary foods and drinks can speed up tooth decay and can lead to cavities and fillings.

Here are 15 tips to keep in mind this Christmas and the following holiday season to protect your dental health:

Healthy Teeth and Gums

1. Brush your teeth and gums regularly after meals with a tooth brush that isn’t worn out.

2. Your teeth and gums can be adversely affected by food and drinks for up to an hour after a meal.

3. Nuts, vegetables, crudités and turkey are among the healthiest foods that protect your teeth and gums.

4. Cheese can help reduce tooth decay by restoring your mouth’s natural pH balance.

5. Visit your dentist every six to twelve months, depending on your dental health.

Harmful Foods to Avoid

1. While some foods like cranberries can help protect against gum disease and tooth decay, too much of such acidic foods can cause tooth decay.

2. Pies, cake, candy, chocolates and pudding are saturated with sugar, causing them to stick to your teeth.

3. White wine can erode tooth enamel due to its acidic pH, while red wine can stain your teeth.

4. Consumption of sweetened carbonated drinks can lead to poor dental and overall health.

5. Reduce sugar intake as much as possible since it produces acidic biofilm, which causes tooth decay.

Good Dental Habits

1. Avoid opening bottles with your teeth since you can accidentally damage or lose a tooth.

2. Brush your teeth, tongue and gums lightly for two minutes at a time and consider baking soda as a whitener.

3. Broccoli and carrots are among the best foods that strengthen tooth enamel, due to vitamin A.

4. Try to replace soda and juices that have high sugar content with unsweetened drinks, especially water.

5. If you consume sugary food and drinks, do so in moderation.

Follow these tips to keep your teeth and gums healthy during Christmas and enjoy the holidays with family and friends without any health or dental problems. But, if you need emergency dental care or dental check-up, contact Plaza Dental Group at 515.612.7148 for best dental service at Des Moines.

Wish you and your family a healthy and Merry Christmas!

15 Healthy Oral Care Tips You Should Follow This Christmas
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15 Healthy Oral Care Tips You Should Follow This Christmas
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