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Easter Baskets: Let’s Reduce the Sugar Load for Your Teeth

Easter is a time to relish delicious chocolate treats with family and friends! You can surely enjoy the treats, but in moderation to avoid damaging your teeth this Easter holiday.

Did You Know About These Fun Easter Facts?

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World Heart Day- How Periodontal Disease Can Affect Your Cardiac Health

Many people spend thousands of dollars each year attempting to prevent heart disease. From gym memberships to healthy cookbooks to prescription medicines, it seems like the ways that you can spend your money to improve your heart health ...

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Oral Cancer Awareness: April Is the Action Month

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. Each year, approximately 43,250 people in the United States receive the diagnosis of oral cancer. Most people are unaware of the importance of early diagnosis of oral cancer for a full recovery. ...

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Saliva Prevents Tooth Decay

New Study: Saliva Plays Active Role in Preventing Tooth Cavity

Mucus is part of the 0.5 percent of saliva that is not water. It contains salivary mucins, which work to protect teeth from cavities. Previously it was believed that the salivary mucins' only function was to give the ...

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